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The inspiration to this homepage come from a HP 2392A terminal. For
many years we were happy to have just green on black fixed font, but
it seems that we have to have graphics on every page we see now a days.

If you need that try Microsoft, IBM, Novell, Compaq and anybody else.
On this homepage you don't get graphics, only information.
(except for the sex-page)

Why did you visit it? To see how good I am on graphics presentations?
I am not and will never be. Will you?

Do you think that you will come back to this homepage to get
some information? Would you come back if I had any graphics?

I know I could improve my homepage by changing the colors from green on
black to black on white. Should I do that? Why?

Why should I add graphics? I don't have any graphics to show you
which are important. I don't have a company logo.

Do you like to read your e-mail? How does it look? Is it fancy?

Please respond to

My english spelling could be better. When I view the logfile for this
homepage it appears that a lot of foreigners is visiting my homepage,
why I write in english. Hello to Sri Lanka, Korea, South Africa, Brazil,
Croatia (Hrvatska), India, US Military, Andorra and Germany.
I must have been boycotted by Ivory Coast, China, Greenland and Mongolia.

Well, I have some pictures here....