Flashpath for Linux

Description of the disk. Every flashpath adapter has only 18 sectors of 512 bytes. To read all the 4MB of RAM the disk is bank switched. By reading sector 1 you will find out how much RAM there is on the Smartmedia chip. Then a write to sector 2 to define which memory block you want. Read 16 sectors of data starting from sector 3 to sector 18. Internal the Flashpath has a microcontroller with which you communicate with through sector 1 and 2. All operations are performed on Track 0 and Head 0.

Physical Disk layout
1 Boot sector / Status
The status "register". Only read operations should be performed on this sector. The sector looks almost like a normal boot sector and it also contains some data which can be found in a normal boot sector. On operation of the disk this sector is used to get the status of the microcontroller.
2 Control sector
A write only control sector for defining which bank of the RAM should be read or written. Internal the microcontroller will get this information and the following read/write operation on the data sectors can be performed.
3-18 Data sectors
Read/write data area. This is the actual data stored on the chip. As the device is bank switched you can only read or write 8K bytes (512*16) at the time. A chip with 4M bytes RAM will then have 512 banks of 8K bytes.