Flashpath for Linux

Hans Schou <chlor@schou.dk>


Smartdisk has released a driver for Linux http://www.smartdisk.com/Downloads/Software/FlashPath%20for%20Linux.htm.

Press Release

A letter from smartdisk.com

From: Tina Brown 
To: 'asavidge@tesco.net.spam.no' 
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2000 9:30 PM
Subject: FlashPath - Linux

The FlashPath driver for Linux should be available on our website towards
the end of Q2.


Tina Brown
Sales Associate
SmartDisk Corporation

From my part this project has stopped. I do not have the FlashPath adapter anymore and now I am using a PCMCIA adapter together with a SmartMedia chip. This solution is also much better for me as it is faster and I do have an old laptop.

I am awfully sorry that I/we have stopped. It stopped for several reasons: 1) I was not good enough for reverse-engineering the assembler code. 2) None of the vendors would give any technical information.

I suggest that you go look for the PCMCIA solution. For me it is very important to be able to work fast with the pictures as I sometimes take up to 150 pictures 'while in combat'. If you are a Linux user you might have seen some of my pictures already otherwise take a look at Linux Demoday or Last change to be come Y2K compliant.

The Flashpath adapter is a diskette like device which is used to transfer data from a digital camera to a computer. The Flashpath adapter is manufactored by www.fujifilm.co.jp and some drivers can be downloaded from http://home.fujifilm.com/products/digital/download/index.html. A Smartmedia® chip from www.toshiba.com for more information look at http://www.toshiba.com/taisisd/dsc/access.htm. is inserted into the Flashpath adapter can be accessed. The driver which is included with the adapter is written by www.fisc.com. You can read a little about here http://www.fisc.com/store/flash.html and I sure like to have the specifications for FDOS.